Disolact lactase Extra Strength 10.000 FCC/120 capsules


Disolact Extra Strength lactase
10 000 FCC/capsule
120 (vegetarian) capsules

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3 tins (120 capsules) or our heavyweight: Lactase Extra Strength capsules with 10 000 FCC lactase per capsule. The founder of DISOLUT (lactose intolerant himself) can drink a medium milkshake with this. If you want to be sure of having no problems or if you’re extremely intolerant, then the Disolact Extra Forte capsules are the best choice for you.


  • Disolact lactase extra strength capsules are packed in units of 40 capsules in a container that is handy and attractive to take with you.

  • Food value per 100 gram: 994kJ (234Kcal), carbohydrates 4.4g, proteins 3.8g, fat 0.2 g.

  • Disolact lactase capsules are soja and gluten free

  • The capsules are from vegetable gelatin
  • We recommend storing Disolact lactase capsules dry and at room temperature.

  • The shelf life of Disolact lactase is 3 years; thereafter the FCC value reduces by 5% per year.

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    Disolact lactase Extra Forte 10.000 FCC per capsule


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